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    About us

    Nanjing WisdomPharm Co., Ltd was established in 2008. Our factory is located in the chemical industry park of Rugao Port city, Jiangsu Province and mainly engaged in the development and industrial production of organic silane series and Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid serie,owning a number of independent intellectual property rights and invention patents,has always been in the forefront of China.

    In 2013, WISDOM acquired Nantong Zhengda Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd,investing RMB 68 million yuan to carry out technical reform and construction, and then merged with it. The factory now covers an area of about 35000㎡,the existing building area is about 18000㎡and the registered capital is 51.8 million yuan,Having a full staff of 80 people, including 20 professionals in science and technology.


    Before the acquisition, Nantong Zhengda Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd is one of the 667 key enterprises in the designated pesticide production by the state. It is a specialized pesticide production enterprise integrating raw drug synthesis and preparation processing. The main products are well-known brand "Gao Nong" aluminum phosphide and herbicide "Shuihanling", and they have the right to import and export on their own. The combined company will realize the integration of science, industry and trade and leapfrog development in the end, tending to collectivize,achieving the company in the industry's top 100 goals, for the local economy and society to create greater benefits.


    WISDOM has a strong self - development team and development ability , having advanced detection equipment and instruments , and excellent experimental equipmenst and industrial production equipments , can provide customers with the synthesis and development of products from grams to kilograms to tons , and strictly protect the intellectual property entrusted to customers .


    WISDOM passed ISO9001-2000 ,ISO14000 certification, and strictly carried out all procedures to ensure product quality and cleaner production and adopts a sustainable management system to ensure the creation of sustainable value, bringing greater scope of benefits to meet the economic, ecological and social development needs of relevant parties.


    The development of Nanjing WisdomPharm Co.,Ltd will be adhering to the "collection of our wisdom, to promote human health" the thought idea and to the "unity, pragmatic, efficient and dedication" spirit of enterprise, insisting on the "safety, environmental protection, people-oriented, quality best, and keep his real" the management idea, wholeheartedly for the customers at home and abroad to provide quality products and services.


    At present all of the products have been exporting to Europe, USA, and southeast Asia and other countries.

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    Room 2207, Jinlun International Square, No.8, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China
    +86-25-84752770 (line)
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